Al Hayat Company- PEPSI established in 2004 and specializing in the bottling and distribution of soft drinks and mineral water. The company is the exclusive PESPSICO INTERNATIONAL (PCI) franchise holder in Northern Iraq employing a team of around 500. Al Hayat Company- PEPSI has enjoyed steady growth and currently represents more than 55% of the total market share of its respective sector, Carrying out production over 167, 000 square meters, Al Hayat is a local industry leader, accounting for 40% for the total soft drink industry.


Al Hayat Company-PEPSI was supervised by international consulting agencies during the buildup and launch phases of its operations in 2004, so as to guarantee the facility’s adherence to the strict international standards of quality. The factory floor plan was designed to maximize performance and efficiency in bottling processes, and to accommodate various cost-cutting measures to boost productivity and profitability.



In addition to the excellence of its factory operations, Al Hayat Company-PEPSI owns and operates one of the largest fleets of distribution vehicles in the region, ensuring the timely delivery of its products to guarantee its continued success.





Al Hayat has 20 locations All over Kurdistan and Mosul.